Destino by Maestro Ennio Bencini

Independently appraised value: $3,000

Tuscan artist Ennio Bencini has generously donated his painting, Destino, to Friends of San Filippino to help raise funds to restore Oratorio San Filippino. This inspirational mixed-media piece is available exclusively on our online auction site. All proceeds will go toward the restoration project.

Destino, an uplifting pittoscultura (painting and sculpture), represents the serendipity and the hopes and dreams that have led to our discovery of this hidden gem. 

The auction deadline has passed, but you can still donate to our cause!

Bencini’s works are created with several different types of materials, giving his art a mystical and primitive flavor: 
  • sand from crushed hematite found in Tuscany; 
  • Carrara marble, facades of shrines; 
  • letters from the 16th and 17th centuries; 
  • oil pigments;
  • pietra serena (a gray sandstone used extensively in Renaissance Florence for architectural details);
  • pieces of wood from varying time periods; 
  • gold leaf;
  • paper; and 
  • other recyclable materials. 

This work of art is placed into a specifically designed architectural frame; each element has been crafted according to a careful plan with the goal of restoring life and harmony to every tiny piece of the composition.

"Ultimately, we could say that Bencini's work is elevated through symbolism. It is symbolism that while at first glance may seem complicated to understand, it actually has an immediate effect on our emotional sphere, catapulting us —consciously or not — into spiritual and primordial dimensions, which through only a few symbols speak to us about the history of man and God."

-- Stefano Duranti Poccetti, "Painting and Sculpture: The Two Faces of the Sacred,", January 25, 2017.