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Friends of San Filippino is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with one big, audacious overall mission and a specific project that embodies that mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore the Oratorio San Filippino, a beautiful little 17th century baroque chapel that houses many artistic and cultural treasures, located on Via Dante in Castiglion Fiorentino:

  • First, we’ll clean, shore up and begin the process of restoring the chapel and all its artistic treasures. This first phase will help stop further deterioration of the chapel and make it safe enough to enter. 
  • Then, our goal will be to raise the additional funds required to fully restore the chapel and renovate and update the church’s associated common areas and apartments. 
  • In so doing, we will make San Filippino once again a safe and lovely little church where families can gather for intimate weddings and baptisms and all manner of religious services

More Than Just a Church

In keeping with its history and the goals of its original Oratorian priest founders, San Filippino will be much more than a church with religious services. It will also be a community gathering place where local residents and tourists alike can attend provocative lectures, musical performances and artistic exhibitions of all kinds.

The renovated apartments will one day host visiting scholars, business leaders, artists, religious leaders and people of all walks of life who want to relax and recharge and perhaps work on some research project, book or work of art. 

Above all, we hope that the restored chapel will make a significant contribution to the economic and cultural life of Castiglion Fiorentino, one of the friendliest and loveliest hill towns in all of Tuscany.

The Journey 

We started this journey almost ten years ago. Focusing public attention on and raising money for an abandoned church in a small, little-known town in central Italy was not an easy task. When we started, most of the townspeople had no idea that San Filippino even existed.

But, we persevered through those challenges, through unimaginable Italian bureaucracy, through a global pandemic, and through major changes in the local church leadership. 

Thanks to our many generous supporters, we have raised approximately $50,000 USD. And thanks to the cooperation of Bishop Andrea Migliavacca and the Diocese of Arezzo-Cortona-Sansepolcro, and thanks to help from a group of local Castiglion Fiorentino citizens, we have been granted approval to begin Phase I restoration work.

Follow our progress on regularly updated Facebook page, and please consider donating to Friends of San Filippino. Should you decide to help with our mission, we know that you will be rewarded in many ways.

Together, we can make this happen!

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100% of donations go toward the restoration project.
We have no paid staff. 
All work is done by volunteers.